“Southern Charm Savannah” Episode 2- cross cultural marriage, getting naked & bridal shower drama!

If you thought Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears gave you upskirt action well you should have been watching “Southern Charm Savannah” last night because as the ladies celebrated Happy’s bridal shower they failed to “cover their biscuits”. Then there was the golf game that involved more than swinging, cameras captured the uninhibited Ashley Borders who stripped down on the golf course with the guys.

The story of cross cultural marriage took us inside the world of Happy marrying Azam Mughal who is an Arab American and practicing Muslim. Happy is challenging her blue blood lineage in the name of love and her mom is a bit nervous that a cross will not be hung in Happy and Azam’s home. If you haven’t heard Happy and Azam “happily” tied the knot not to long ago at the Savannah Yacht Club. Plus, Happy spilled the tea that her mom used to date daddy Eicholz. Happy’s bridal shower also served as the backdrop to the confrontation between Ashley and Hannah over Ashley stripping down in front of Louis. Hannah every women agreed with you last night- never strip in front of someone’s man. Until next week friends!

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