Ms.Polly’s Cake Giants Premieres this Monday on the Cooking Channel!

Ms.Polly was many things before she became a TV star- a mom, a long time employee with the postal service, a cheerleading coach and a woman with a gift of baking! The orders for Ms.Polly’s cakes started out of her home and if you could dream it she and her family most certainly could create it! Ms.Polly’s flagship bakery is located at 2325 Ogeechee Road in Savannah and at one time Ms.Polly had 4 locations serving Savannah.

Today you can find the 2nd flagship store in Pooler. Each Ms.Polly’s Cake Giants is ran and managed by the family. The Cooking Channel learned of this story of a hardworking woman who was serving up the best in cakes and keeping it all in the family so in came the cameras to film her magic right here in Savannah. Starting this Monday you get a peek inside the world of green chef coats, mouthwatering creations that tell stories and taste like fresh key lime, strawberries and any delicious flavor you desire and see what it takes to make the Ms.Polly’s Cakes not just a household name in Savannah but all across America!

Ms.Polly’s Cake Giants premieres Monday March 6th at 8pm on the Cooking Channel and can be seen on Direct TV channel 232 or Comcast on channel 122! You can DVR the show or catch the re-airs next week as well! When you watch the show make sure you use the hashtag #MsPollysCakes! Join Ms.Polly and the family as they make TV history for Savannah, for women in business, for women of color on TV and for being a strong, positive, family example and business success we all can aspire to be like!

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